Up to 90% of the time
it is saved in contouring!


The highest quality standards for each patient.

Delimitation of
the thoracic area
in 1 minutes!
1 90%

The workflow in radiotherapy is complex and time consuming!


In the practice of current clinics, the contouring of organs at risk is still performed with a low level of automation, the fusion of images involves a long and inaccurate manual revision, and the detection of nodules becomes increasingly demanding due to the large volume of work. All of this greatly influences the planning of cancer treatment.


Now there is a chance for change!

Out of a desire to capitalize on AI in winning the war on cancer, AIMinded has designed a smart toolbox that provides radiotherapists with the best and most reliable tools to improve their workflow and help them focus on patient care.
  • The dedicated monitor provides decision support
  • Sync with your workflow without additional clicks
  • Precise and actionable indication of suspicious cases

Segmentation of organs at risk

SMART-AIM automatic contouring software as a starting point for the segmentation of organs at risk in radiotherapy allows a significant gain. Now you can automatically generate high quality contours, saving more time compared to existing solutions.


GDPR compliant architecture and full integration into the medical system

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