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The AIMinded toolbox for oncological medical imaging based on artificial intelligence allows you to increase the reliability of your contours. Images analyzed 45000 Hospitals 3
about us

We improve the treatment planning experience

AIMinded wants to fundamentally improve the way healthcare is provided in Romania and abroad, through a smart toolbox that analyzes CTs to produce a consistent contour in a few minutes, helping doctors speed up the treatment of patients, thus increasing the chances of successfully defeats the disease.


Our mission is to help accelerate the delivery of effective cancer care through scientific advancement, technical innovation and expertise.


A world in which radiotherapists are empowered with the most advanced medical contouring tools to provide optimal treatment to the patient.


Advanced technology that integrates seamlessly into any existing healthcare system infrastructure to improve workflow, efficiency and quality.


High quality contouring

A toolbox based on artificial intelligence integrated into your workflow.
A complete dictionary of risk organ contouring techniques that are automatically detected and analyzed.

Improved productivity

With AIMinded you can reduce the manual work involved in the process of contouring the risk organs by up to 90%. The entire workflow can be streamlined, significantly reducing total treatment planning time.

Simplified workflow

Contours are automatically generated and sent immediately to the treatment planning system after each scan. Set it up once, deploy it in your workflow forever.

Increased accuracy

Artificial intelligence achieves a consistent starting point for doctors. Together with AIMinded you can focus on more complex cases, diversify and increase your analysis skills.

Do you want to be our partner?

We collaborate with hospitals, universities and research institutions, in this way we can identify
the most relevant problems and create solutions. If you want to implement the AIMinded technology, contribute with new data
or clinical information to our research or work with us to develop new products do not hesitate to contact us.

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